Hon. David Collenette, P.C., B.A. (Hons), M.A., L.L.D. (Hons), F.C.I.L.T.

David Collenette - H+K Ottawa 2Since retiring from elected office in 2004, Mr. Collenette has acted as a strategic counsel for many organizations in the public affairs, transportation & infrastructure, defence & security, and information technology sectors.

He currently serves as Senior Counsel, Hill+Knowlton Strategies; Chair of the NATO Association of Canada; Director and Past Chair, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (North America); and Director of Harbourfront Corporation. Mr. Collenette is also a member of the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs Advisory Committee and Senior Fellow, Bill Graham Centre, Trinity College, University of Toronto.  He is Vice-President, Sir Winston Churchill Society, Ottawa.



Hill+Knowlton Strategies

H+K is Canada’s largest public affairs and public relations consultancy, with nine Canadian offices The company is made up of more than 200 people that combine expertise, passion, and insight to provide standout advice and creative ideas for their clients. It is part of WPP, the world’s largest public relations, public affairs, and communications company with 83 offices in 46 countries.

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (North America)

CILTNA is part of an international logistics and professional organisation with more than 30,000 members operating under royal charter in more than 30 countries.  It provides a network of contacts, promotes the exchange of information on all aspects affecting the performance and evolution of the transportation system through seminars, workshops, and conferences; collaborates with other private and public organizations (including governments and academic institutions) on training; and promotes public recognition of excellence in the profession.  Members are all areas of professional activity including those involved in supply chain management, dispute resolution, policy and strategic planning, warehousing, operations, client services, academics, consultants, and key decision makers.


NATO Association of Canada

The mission of NAOC is to promote peace, prosperity, and security through knowledge and understanding of the importance of NATO.  It strives to educate and engage Canadians about NATO and NATO’s goal of peace, prosperity, and security to ensure Canada has an informed citizenry able to discuss Canada’s role on the world stage.  As a leading member of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA), the NATO Association of Canada has strong and enduring ties with sister organizations in many of the alliance countries, as well as members of NATO’s Partnership for Peace and Mediterranean Dialogue programmes.

Harbourfront Corporation

For more than 30 years, Harbourfront Centre in Toronto has been on the cutting edge of all that is current and creative, bringing together the best in both Canadian culture and the rich mosaic of cultures from within our country and around the world.  Harbourfront Centre is an innovative, non-profit cultural organization which provides internationally renowned programming in the arts, culture, education, and recreation, all within a collection of distinctive venues in the heart of Toronto’s downtown waterfront.

Sir Winston Churchill Society (Ottawa)

The Sir Winston Churchill Society of Ottawa and sister societies around the world, has as its mission the commemoration of Churchill’s life by reflecting his values, qualities of leadership, writing and oratory, and his commitment to the lessons of history, democracy, and citizenship. The society holds meetings featuring as guest speaker key authors, academics and other luminaries known for their deep interest in history and Churchill’s life.


 Glendon School of Public Affairs

The GSPA is Canada’s first bilingual graduate school of public and international affairs. A unique Canadian institution, it combines a comprehensive bilingualism with a focus upon both public and international affairs. Adopting a global perspective, the School explores the relationship between public institutions and their larger environment. Its purpose is to advance research on public and international affairs; provide a high-quality bilingual master’s program; and offer innovative professional development programming.  The Glendon School is in mid-town Toronto on the fully bilingual Glendon Campus of York University.  This picturesque setting is the ideal venue for bringing together public leaders and academic specialists to discuss and debate the challenges facing contemporary public life.

Bill Graham Centre for Contemporary International History, Trinity College, University of Toronto

The Bill Graham Centre is dedicated to further and promote the history of international relations since the end of the Second World War. The central elements of the Centre’s mandate are promoting the history of international events; and bringing the world of the scholar and that of the policy maker political practitioner together where to exchange insights and perspectives.  In addition, the Centre promotes international history through partnerships with other institutions and organizations in Canada and abroad.